We are an eclectic bunch of scientists working on different branches of sciences and humanities, from geology to bioanthropology, from environmental to forensic sciences. Our common ground is geochemistry, a discipline that unifies knowledge from the chemistry and geological sciences. We research and explore how chemical elements interact and behave on and within the Earth and how they move between the bio-, geo-, and hydro-spheres. Ultimately, we use isotopes to determine the age and the origin of rocks and artifacts, to unravel the life histories of human and animals and to study climate changes in the past.

Some of our recent publications:

Lugli F, Cipriani A, Bruno L, Ronchetti F, Cavazzuti C, Benazzi S (2022) A strontium isoscape of Italy for provenance studies. Chemical Geology, doi: 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2021.120624.

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